The Bible

We believe that the Bible is the very Word of God and carries His full authority and is without error. It is sufficient by itself to show us what kind of life pleases God. All of our teaching and doctrine come from the Bible. Since it is God’s message to the world we study the Bible primarily to get to know this God that we love.


We believe that there is only one God who has always existed in three Persons—Father, Son, and Spirit. While our human mind cannot imagine or explain this truth, we affirm it because God revealed it to us in His Word.

The Father is holy yet loving, righteous yet gracious and merciful, unchanging in His character yet patient with humanity. He is both the sovereign Creator of the universe yet intimately acquainted with every facet of His creation. The Father has set His special love on His people from before time began and saves them according to His pleasure.

Jesus, being fully and eternally God, took on humanity in His virgin birth. He lived a perfect life and thereby earned the right to die in the place of others—the innocent for the guilty. This death satisfied God’s appropriate and rightful wrath against sinners and made salvation possible for all those who would trust in His name. When Jesus rose from the dead He conquered death and won the victory over Satan. Even though He came to be Israel’s Messiah, his purchase of salvation was for anyone regardless of race, nationality, gender, or background—thus earning Him the title Savior of the World.

The Holy Spirit was sent by God after Jesus ascended back to His Father to indwell believers, teach them, pray for them, empower them to live godly lives, and give them gifts according to His pleasure and will for the benefit of the whole church.


We believe that God created people good but because of both Adam’s sin and their own actions, people are now evil. God created mankind for His glory. People are happiest when they find their happiness in God Himself which brings Him honor. At the heart of each person’s sin is the belief that something other than God Himself will bring them joy. This unwillingness to give God honor makes every person culpable to bear the full wrath of God. Apart from God’s merciful intervention into history there would be no hope for mankind. 


We believe that God initiates every aspect of salvation and that there is no salvation possible apart from Jesus. The benefits of salvation purchased on the cross are available only to those who abandon every effort of attempting to rescue themselves and fully trust Jesus—everything He says that He is and everything He claims to have accomplished. We believe that those who have trusted Jesus for their salvation will persevere in their trust and in the power of the Holy Spirit grow in godliness for the remainder of their lives. Believers are united to each other in Christ’s body—the church—consisting of believers across the world and throughout history who have trusted Christ.


We believe that Jesus will personally return to earth as Judge and King in a way that brings Him the most glory. Those united to Christ through salvation will receive immortal bodies and enjoy God forever while the unrighteous will be eternally tormented away from the presence of God.

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